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Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership GHHP


The GHHP brings together 25 partner organisations interested in monitoring the health of Gladstone Harbour. Formed in 2013, the partners stem from three levels of government, industry, community, traditional owners and the research sector.

The cornerstone product for assessing the health of Gladstone Harbour is the GHHP Report Card. This transparent reporting tool synthesises data from 78 measures to develop “indicators” for environmental, social, cultural and economic components of harbour health and returns an overall score, as well as individual component scores. It is a fast, effective and accessible tool to support decision-making and is available to all stakeholders to help guide future management of the harbour.


Prof. Iain Gordon GHHP Chair

Prof. Iain Gordon

GHHP Independent Chair

Alan Hayter GHHP Industry Rep

Alan Hayter

Industry Representative

Partner Tier 3

A/Prof. Emma Jackson GHHP Research Rep

Prof. Emma Jackson

Research Representative


Demi Blucher

Community Representative

Partner Tier 1


David Voss

Industry Representative

Partner Tier 3


Cr Karen Davis

Government Representative

James Harris2.jpg

James Harris

Community Representative

Partner Tier 1

Dr Megan Ellis GHHP Industry Rep

Dr Megan Ellis

Industry Representative

Partner Tier 4

Elyse Reithmuller GHHP Deputy Chair/Community Rep

Elyse Reithmuller

Deputy Chair

Partner Tier 2

Rachel D'Arcy GHHP Government Rep

Rachel D'Arcy

Government Representative



Kirsten McMahon

Research Officer


Hannah King

Project Officer

marketing mafia GHHP communications team

Marketing Mafia

Communications Team


The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP) is informed by open, transparent and independent peer-reviewed science, through an Independent Science Panel (ISP).

The Chair of the Independent Science Panel is responsible for championing the integrated and collaborative approach to research and monitoring. The Chair is an ex-offico member of the GHHP Management Committee and will work with the GHHP to convene the Independent Science Panel. The Independent Science Panel is supported by two Science Project Officers.

The role of the ISP is to provide independent scientific advice on the piloting and system testing of the GHHP endorsed Gladstone Harbour Report Card. This includes:

  • the monitoring program to support the Gladstone Harbour Report Card;

  • overseeing the synthesis work required to ascertain report card grades to ensure the independence of the grades;

  • over sighting the continued development of the Gladstone Harbour Model that will be used by the GHHP to underpin advice to policy, management and regulatory agencies, industry and other stakeholders;

  • monitoring and implementing any improvements that may be needed to increase the efficiency and/or effectiveness of GHHP practices


The Independent Science Panel comprises members with expertise on one or more of the following:

  • Water quality

  • Ecosystem health

  • Marine biogeochemistry

  • Marine toxicology

  • Decision support tools/modelling

  • Social science

  • Economics

  • Discharge chemistry and hydrology

  • Marine biodiversity (including fish, large marine fauna and migratory birds)

  • Statistics

Professor John Rolfe
Prof. John Rolfe

ISP Chair

Dr Jennifer Stauber
Dr Jennifer Stauber

Marine Toxicology

Dr Roger Chong
Dr Roger Chong

Fish Health

Associate Professor Eva Abal
A/Prof. Eva Abal

Science Team

Jane Waterhouse
Jane Waterhouse

Water Quality

Dr Barbara Robson
Dr Barbara Robson

Biogeochemical Modeler

Dr Melissa Dobbie
Dr Melissa Dobbie


Dr Rob Coles
Dr Rob Coles

Marine Biodiversity

Dr Erin Bohensky
Dr Erin Bohensky

Social Science



GHHP is based out of CQU's Gladstone campus, with the University in charge of managing the partnership. The arrangement assists GHHP to support the Gladstone community in understanding the health of the harbour and get people involved in the research process.

Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership GHHP


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