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The first edition of our Harbour Insights magazine for 2023 is out now, featuring stories and updates from our latest projects as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how citizen science plays a crucial role in monitoring fish condition for our annual report card.

Other stories this issue include:

 - Investing in the next generation

 - Managing urban water wisely

 - An interview with our new Research Officer, Kirsten

Download and read the magazine now:

We’re excited to announce that we’ve published the very first edition of the GHHP Harbour Insights magazine. This bi-annual publication features key stories and highlights from the past year to keep our partners and community members more informed about the work of GHHP in between the release of key documents such as the report card.

This first edition includes an overview the work CQUniversity have been doing to establish a mud crab monitoring program over recent years as well as a behind-the-desk look into the process of producing the annual report card.

Download and read the magazine now:

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