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The following graph shows the scores received in 2022 (top line) versus the score received in 2019 for each indicator (bottom row)

Very good (0.85-1.00)

Good (0.65-0.84)

Satisfactory (0.5-0.64)

Poor (0.25-0.49)

Very Poor (0.00-0.24)

No Grade.png

No data available


The overall Economic grade has been good (B) since the pilot Report Card in 2014. Economic performance has received very good scores (A) since 2016 owing to the continuing strength of shipping activity (A) and tourism (A). However, commercial fishing received a poor score (D) for the seventh consecutive year. Economic stimulus was satisfactory (C) a grade that has not changed since 2018. The score for economic value (recreation) was good (B) and has been since the pilot Report Card.

Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership GHHP
Economic Performance Results
Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership GHHP
Economic Stimulus Results
Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership GHHP
Economic Value Results



The economic performance indicator group consisted of three indicators based on key industries using the harbour, shipping, tourism and commercial fishing.


The economic stimulus indicator group consisted of two indicators: employment and socio-economic status.

The score for employment measures the unemployment rate for the Gladstone Local Government Area compared to unemployment rates in all Queensland Local Government Areas. This comparison used the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data available.

The score for socio-economic status was derived using the Index of Economic Resources (IER). The IER was calculated using Australian census data and refined using data from a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) survey of Gladstone residents conducted during the reporting period.


The economic value (recreation) indicator group was assessed through four indicators, land-based recreation, recreational fishing, beach recreation and water-based recreation (non-fishing). The score for this indicator is based on the mean satisfaction rating by those who undertook the activity and the economic value of the recreational trips.

Information on the non-market economic value (recreation) of the harbour area activities was collected through a community survey of people within the Gladstone region via a CATI survey. Data on travel costs, travel time, and other access and site costs were used to calculate the economic value of using a recreational site based on the investment that people have made in the activity. In 2014 the economic value of land-based ($61 per trip) and beach-based recreational trip ($40 per trip) were estimated. Additional information was collected in 2015 and 2017 to estimate the value of a recreational fishing trip ($141) and water-based recreation ($95). The per trip recreational values will be updated once every five years.

Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership GHHP


Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership GHHP


Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership GHHP


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