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A closer look at PCIMP Water Quality Monitoring

The Port Curtis Integrated Monitoring Program (PCIMP) was established in 2001 as the first

comprehensive monitoring effort covering the entire Port Curtis region. PCIMP is a consortium of

industry, local and state government, research institutions, and other stakeholders.

The program's vision is to facilitate coordinated monitoring activities among Port Curtis

stakeholders, sharing information to enhance natural resource management for community

prosperity and environmental health.

Sampling and analysing water quality and sediments are meticulously carried out to capture

seasonal effects and other events affecting Port Curtis waters. This data undergoes thorough

evaluation to identify trends and unique features, aiding in the detection of changes over time and specific locations.

PCIMP's ongoing efforts ensure the assessment and monitoring of water and sediment quality

trends in Port Curtis. This information informs harbour management, promoting healthy waters for recreational use, marine sustainability, and minimal impact on the adjacent World Heritage Area and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Data collected from 51 of the 54 sites is consolidated into the Gladstone Harbour Report Card.

Assessed twice per year, PCIMP measures eleven water quality parameters, encompassing

physicochemical measures, nutrient levels, and dissolved metals. PCIMP remains an essential

guardian of Port Curtis, steering towards a sustainable and balanced future for the region.

Scores for the Water quality indicator have remained high since the first full report card in 2015 and have received a good (B) or very good (A) grade since 2015. In the 2023 Gladstone Harbour Report Card, Water quality received a good (B) grade.

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