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Community Volunteer Opportunities

Are you passionate about the environment and looking for active ways in which you can help protect it? Both CMERC and Tangaroa Blue have a host of upcoming opportunities for volunteers to take part in their respective Seagrass Flower Collection Days and Beach Clean Up events.

CMERC Seagrass Flower Collection Days

Are you ready for an adventure in marine science? CQUniversity’s Coastal Marine Ecosystem Research Centre (CMERC) is inviting nature enthusiasts and explorers to join their Seagrass Flower Collection Days, a unique opportunity to uncover the mysteries of seagrasses.

Seagrasses are the unsung heroes of our coastlines. They provide sanctuary for marine life, capture carbon, and protect our shores from erosion. By participating, you’ll contribute to cutting-edge research, have an unforgettable beach day, and become a steward of our precious coastal ecosystems. Get involved by emailing along with your choice of date/dates;

  • 14 October

  • 15 October

  • 27 October

  • 28 October

  • 29 October

  • 11 November

  • 12 November

Tangaroa Blue Beach Clean Ups

The Tangaroa Blue Foundation invites you to roll up your sleeves and make a difference during their Beach Clean up Days. Dive into the world of coastal conservation as we work together to protect our precious beaches and oceans. By participating, you’ll

not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also help safeguard marine life and preserve the beauty of our coastlines.

Sign up by visiting their event webpage at

Upcoming clean up event dates are as follows;

  • Facing Island 11 Oct

  • Canoe Point 14 Oct

  • Curtis Island 28/29 Oct


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