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Introducing our new life-sized board game, Drains and Ladders

Life-sized board game Drains and Ladders

The newest edition to GHHP’s classroom and community resource kit, a new life-sized board game called Drains and Ladders, has fast become a hit with both kids and teachers thanks to its bright colours, interactivity and clear educational message. A clever spin on the classic game “Snakes and Ladders,” the game replaces the traditional snakes with slippery drainpipes, making it aptly ‘waterway’ themed.

As children navigate the board, they encounter real-life scenarios such as picking up rubbish, conserving water and electricity, and opting for re-usable products, all of which allow players to climb the ladders and make progress toward the finish line. However, stumbling upon the drains and their poor environmental choices sends players backwards, teaching the consequences of neglecting the environment.

The game made its debut at GHHP’s stall at the World Science Festival in July, where Project Officer, Hannah Russell, said it resonated with visitors of all ages.

“We had so many people stop and play the game from school groups to, and everyone commented on what a great concept it is game and how fun it is to play,”

“It’s also been super popular with teachers, with many asking us to bring it along to several school visits and Catchment Story presentations across the region, which has been really exciting,” adds Hannah.


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