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Local harbour stewardship projects take the spotlight in new report

Following the success of the inaugural Stewardship Report released in 2021, the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP) have released the 2022 edition of the now-annual publication which showcases the many sustainability initiatives that have been undertaken to improve the health and future of the Gladstone harbour over the past 12 months.

GHHP Chair, Professor Iain Gordon, says the 2022 Report features stories and videos from 11 different stewardship projects that are currently underway or have recently been completed in the region.

“Our partners, local businesses and community members conduct a lot of important work to help improve our environment and, more importantly, the health of our local harbour each year, and the purpose of this report is to share the positive outcomes of this with the wider community.”

“It’s about recognising and celebrating the significant work that has being done throughout the partnership in 2022 and the diversity of projects undertaken,” says Iain.

From initiatives that support Traditional Owner-led water quality monitoring and teach local school children about stormwater pollution prevention to a multi-million dollar environmental strategy that has seen the world’s 4th largest alumina refinery significantly reduce their environmental risk profile, the stories demonstrate the significant work being led by GHHP partners and undertaken in the local community.

“What’s evident about this year’s stories in the level of collaboration between different partners, community organisations, schools and individuals, demonstrating a joint commitment to ensuring that the Gladstone Harbour is healthy and habitable for many generations to come,” adds Iain.

The 2022 edition has also been published in a more journalistic, magazine-style format and features several short video highlights in order to engage a wider audience.

“We’d like people to see it as a ‘good news bulletin’ and be something that all members of the public, no matter their age, can read and be inspired by. These are initiatives that we want the whole community to be proud of,” says Iain.

If you would like physical copies for your school, business or organisation, please contact us at


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