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Meet our New Project Officer

Working to improve the health of our oceans and waterways is something GHHP’s new Project Officer, Hannah Russell, is certainly no stranger to.

Having previously worked as the Burnett Mary Regional Group’s Paddock to Reef Regional Coordinator, Hannah was responsible for sharing the quality of science behind the program’s Great Barrier Reef water quality report card, local projects that fed into the report and its relation to the government’s Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan. The role also gave her plenty of community engagement experience, having organised events such as the Burnett Mary Regional Integrated Science Forum – a two-day event that highlights the outcomes of the latest natural resources projects undertaken in the region.

Combined with her Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of Queensland and previous role as a Research Worker for CQUniversity’s ‘Integrated Habitat Restoration on the Discovery Coast’ project, Hannah’s wealth of industry experience makes her an asset to the GHHP team.

After making the move from Bundaberg to Gladstone in July 2021, Hannah is excited to further share GHHP’s vision with the wider community.

“The vision of healthy, accessible, working harbour that everyone can enjoy is fantastic and one that I can’t wait to help share with the community,” she says.

“I’d also love to contribute to possible improvements across the different environmental, social, and economic indicators, as I believe there’s always more that can be done when it comes to responsibly managing our waterways.”


Favourite Harbour Activity: Really just soaking in the sun and scenery. I’d be happy to spend hours on end with a good book and a comfortable seat, and between East Shores and Spinnaker Park, there’s plenty. My partner and I also recently camped at Curtis Island, which I would definitely recommend.

Favourite Sea Creature: That’s a tough one! I’ve volunteered with loggerhead turtles and swam with grey nurse sharks. However, my favourite would have to be the beautiful manta ray. I remember the first time I saw one while diving the Karma shipwreck off Baffle Creek – 24m below the sea and crystal clear. It’s an experience that I’ll always cherish.

Favourite Food: Lemon meringue pie. The more lemon, the better! For something savoury, my go-to is an oyster and prawns or a roast and veggies.

Favourite thing about the Gladstone Region: I love the entire system – from the harbour to the islands, from the mountains to the community. It’s such a fantastic, vibrant region with so many events and things happening.


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