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Success for Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership: Above and Below Stewardship Report Launch

The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP) celebrated a successful launch of its 2023 Stewardship Report, "Above and Below: Stewardship Actions in the Gladstone Region," today at the CQUniversity campus in Gladstone. The event saw a gathering of partners, stakeholders, media representatives, and community members eager to delve into the collaborative initiatives shaping the health of Gladstone Harbour.


Established in 2013, GHHP has been a cornerstone in monitoring the health of Gladstone Harbour. The 2023 Stewardship Report represents a new phase in GHHP's reporting, highlighting community-driven initiatives that extend beyond traditional metrics. The report underscores the collaborative efforts of the Gladstone community, industry, government, First Nations, and research organisations in safeguarding this invaluable asset.


GHHP Independent Chair, Professor Iain Gordon, expressed his enthusiasm for the community's dedication, stating, "This report is a testament to the collective responsibility we all share in preserving the health and vitality of Gladstone Harbour. It reflects the commitment and collaborative spirit that sets a positive trajectory for the future."


The renamed Stewardship Report emphasises the interconnected efforts both above and below the waterline, showcasing a broad range of organised and voluntary initiatives dedicated to enhancing Gladstone Harbour's condition. From community-led projects to collaborative industry efforts, the report highlights the strength of the support system that ensures the health of Gladstone Harbour.


The success of the event was marked by engaged discussions and a shared commitment to continue fostering a healthy Gladstone Harbour. A complete digital copy of the report featuring the multifaceted stewardship actions in the Gladstone region can be accessed here: 


For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

Tracey Siddins

Marketing Mafia, Marketing and PR Representative for GHHP




Hannah King

GHHP Project Officer

0455 169 063 or 


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